[Distutils] RE: [Numpy-discussion] Multi-distribution distributions

Paul Prescod paulp@ActiveState.com
Fri Jan 5 12:11:12 2001

"Paul F. Dubois" wrote:
> Explanation: we made these packages optional partly because they ought to be
> optional but partly because one of them depends on LAPACK and many people
> wish to configure the packages to use a different LAPACK than the limited
> "lite" one supplied.

Wow, your "lite" module is half a meg. I'd hate to see the heavy
version. :)

I may not understand the extension so please tell me if I'm off-base:
Would it be simpler to have a single setup.py and a set of flags to turn
on and off each of the "secondary" extensions?

> You are welcome to add a script which runs the bdist functions on all the
> optional packages, in much the same way setup_all.py works. 

If I did this, I would consider a different strategy. I would suggest
that each of the setup.py's could move their "setup" function into an if
__name__=="__main__" block. Then setup_all.py could import each one (a
little trickery needed there) and then combine the symbols like
sourcelist, headers, ext_modules and so forth.

> You do need to
> face the issue if making a bdist for the public of which LAPACK you use on
> which platform.

I would expect to use lapack_lite.pyd. It's easy enough to override it
by copying a custom lapack on top.

 Paul Prescod