[Distutils] Windows installer.

Michel Van den Bergh michel.vandenbergh@luc.ac.be
Tue Jan 9 09:43:01 2001

Thomas Heller wrote:

> > Hello Thomas,
> >
> > I see that you are the author of bdist_wininst. I didn't want to say
> > anything negative about bdist_wininst.
> No need to worry: You didn't
> > It looks very cool.
> > It is just that it doesn't want
> > install anything outside the Python distribution unlike for example
> > bdist_rpm, which I am using for Linux .
> >
> > What is "Gordon's windows installer"? I am sorry but I am new
> > to this list.
> Gordon's windows installer creates standalone windows applications
> from python scripts, no need for the user to have python installed at all.
> The URL is:
> http://www.mcmillan-inc.com/install1.html
> Regards,
> Thomas

Thanks, that's a useful link. Still I don't really want to bother too much
windows specific things (I never use windows). This is the reason why I would
prefer to be able to
generate all archives  (source, as well as Windows and Linux binary
installers) from a single setup script.
Given the fact that Python itself is cross-platform I thought the intention
of distutils was to
create a cross platform installer in Python. I now realize that distutils is
really geared to
towards the installation of extensions and that it requires some tweaking to