[Distutils] FORTRAN extension modules

John J. Lee phrxy@csv.warwick.ac.uk
Sun Jan 14 15:31:01 2001

Has anyone added any FORTRAN support since the version of Distutils that
came with python 2.0?  I tried compiling Multipack with Distutils (after
setting up the source with modified versions of the Makefile and
setmodules.py from the Multipack distribution) by subclassing from
UnixCCompiler, but of course that only works if you do it in two steps:

./setup.py build_clib -c unixf

./setup.py build_ext

where unixf is my added FORTRAN compiler.  I suppose the right thing would
be to put it in CCompiler itself, so that all its subclasses would be
capable of compiling FORTRAN too (with appropriate modifications)?

I suppose the same would be true of, eg Pascal too.  Maybe the class needs
renaming too...