[Distutils] Problems with distutils and multiple developers under sol2 (unix)

Berthold Höllmann hoel@germanlloyd.org
Mon Jan 15 04:58:01 2001


We are developing a set of inhouse applications using Python. To put
our Python code to the appropriate places under different Operating
systems, we use distutils. But we have a problem with the unix
permissons. User A develops package a.py and installs it using
distutils. Later user B finds an enhancement/bug, corrects package
a.py. But when he tries to install this using distutils he always gets
an error message when distutils try to set the file permissions this
fails because user A is still owner of the copied file after the
copiing process. I think, distutils should first delete an old file,
before trying to install/copy a new one. Can anyone see any problem
with this aproach? Or should the "chmod" command simly included in a
"try:" block to ignore errors that might occur?


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