[Distutils] bdist_wininst

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu Jan 18 16:11:16 2001

Pete Shinners wrote:
> these aren't bdist related, but general features i'd like to
> see included with distutils (at some point) :]
> > * no documentation files are installed -- is there a way to get
> >   those installed somewhere
> mmm, a python standard location for documentation would be a
> big help. all my docs are currently in HTML, but i'm sure many
> people are using a variety of formats. nonetheless, if python
> had a standard format/location for documentation i think the
> all users would benefit. perhaps distutils laying out some sort
> of resonable standard on its own would be enough to get the
> whole community to adopt it?
> (of course, some documentation browsing tools in python would
> be a nice followup)

Right. I'd suggest to take Martin's approach on Unix and
a distutils convention on Windows (e.g. \Python\Site-Docs).
> > * the installer doesn't register itself in the Windows Software
> >   registry -- an uninstall is not possible (this would be *very*
> >   nice to have)
> i was recently noticing some sort of "uninstall" would be a
> handy feature from the commandline. technically, i would
> assume distutils could take the list of files to install
> and simple erase the files instead. then if the containing
> folder was empty, remove the folder.

Right, this should work. The install process would have to keep
a list of installed files in some standard location (and for
each package) though.
> anyways, back to the bdist specific issues
> > * the installer install directly into \Python20 -- shouldn't
> >   it install to \Python20\Lib ? What's the standard here on Windows ?
> distutils on windows always installs to this directory. bdist or
> otherwise. i don't see any need for change?

See my other post. I don't really think that extensions
should go into \Python directly; a directory like the one
on Unix would be better, e.g. \Python\Site-Packages, IMHO at least.
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