[Distutils] freebsd .a files

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Jan 25 10:16:00 2001

In article <3A70387D.9E87B195@lemburg.com>, M.-A. Lemburg
<mal@lemburg.com> writes
>Robin Becker wrote:
>> How do I specify a static library. I have libraries=['gd'], but I don't
>> seem to load symbols from libgd.a instead I have to use
>> libraries=['libgd.a'] is that right?
>No, you should use the first variant. The compiler will then either
>take the correspopnding .so file or .a file with a preference for the
>shared object file (at least that's what gcc does).
>See distutils/ccompiler.py for details.
>In general it is a better idea to link to shared libs since these
>provide more flexibility on the user side.
Well when I'm using the first form I don't seem to get the relevant
things included in my final shared object. I use nm -a and the thinsg
that would come from libgd.a are marked U (ie undefined). Our ISP
changed up to 4.1.1 FreeBSD and now I'm having lot's of problems.
Robin Becker