PEP 250 - site-packages on Windows: (Was: [Distutils] Package DB: strawman PEP)

Moore, Paul
Wed Jul 11 04:34:03 2001

From: Pete Shinners []
> for the love of all things good, can we please make a recommendation
> in our PEP that the windows installation location be something other
> than "C:\PYTHON21"? something like "C:\PYTHON21\SITE-PACKAGES" would
> be a big improvement. i thought i heard that macpython recently made
> this "fix", why is the windows version lagging on this?

PEP 250 covers this. I have sent in the final PEP for approval, plus a
patch, but the process appears to be stalled. I guess I need to nag again.
The PEP process doesn't seem to cover non-core Python developers well (eg,
people like me who don't have a way of integrating with the Sourceforge