[Distutils] Package DB: strawman PEP

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 20:03:01 2001

In article <Pine.LNX.4.21.0107111642190.8041-100000@llave.eproinet.com>,
Mark W. Alexander <slash@dotnetslash.net> writes
>Uhm, ok, I'll admit in my (non)Windows-bias that I didn't consider
>_that_ one. Although in my ignorant defense, I have to ask: Does
>Windows have what we've come to think of as a package manager? I know
>there's information in the registry, and that an installer can check
>to see if required dependencies are installed, but is there native
>support to prevent the removal of those dependencies once the
>dependent package is safely installed. In my experience, if there is,
>it doesn't work.
>The issue that I have is that when you go to manage software on a
>machine, any time there is more than one place software information
>may be stored you never know what's there unless you look in both.
>Once you've got multiple places, automation goes out the window.
>Building a python-specific module-manager is fine from a single-system
>viewpoint, but in an enterprise with large numbers of heterogenous
>systems, managing another repository on every machine is a nightmare.
well there is stuff in the registry related to installations and shared
dlls have some kind of user count there too. There's also a registry
folder containing information about uninstall info.

In my Win2K for example I can't find python21.dll in the shared modules
list. Somewhere there must be an explanation of how and what is supposed
to be done by an installer.
Robin Becker