[Distutils] mac distutils needs more work

Pete Shinners pete@visionart.com
Fri Jul 13 15:49:10 2001

there are still two main problems with the distutils for
macos (i believe osx is fine). this is all coming second,
hand, so sorry i can't provide straight details, i'll try
to do the best i can.

first, distutils on macos does not know where its own
"site-packages" directory is. it actually asks the user
where it is when installing. with all the talk recently
on getting the install paths straightened out, i hope
this gets cleaned up on the macos side.

anyways, that is the minor problem, since it can be
worked around. the next set of problems is the big one.

the problem is that distutils cannot compile and libaries
that require linking to other libraries. it is very close,
but there are a couple "one-line" fixes needed to get it

the first part of the problem is that distutils does not
expand the paths for the library_dirs correctly. it does
work correctly for the include_dirs, so it just needs to
process the library_dirs in the exact same way. i've been
told this is just a 1-2 line fix.

the other problem might be a little more work, but again is
about 2 lines of fixes to the code. the metrowerks compiler
code forgets to include the list of libraries to link to when
building the project. it actually has everything it needs to
do it, it just forgets to actually add the library names in.
apparantly the libaries are just added into the project very
similarly to how source files are added into the project.

hopefully these changes can make it into the 2.2 release.
there's still a little time before the real 2.2 RC's, so
i'm not too worried. again, sorry i can't be more specific on
the details. it sounds like it should all be easy to get working,
but if it turns out to be difficult, i can pry up more details.