[Distutils] Distutils enhancement - set variables from the command line

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon Jul 16 08:30:00 2001

Paul Moore wrote:
> It would sometimes be nice for the user to be able to customise the setup
> process without having to edit setup.py. The obvious case is to allow the user
> to override library directories, where setup.py can assume the "normal" case,
> but still allow for non-standard locations.
> One relatively simple approach would be to write setup.py to read a
> configuration file, and get such options from there. But an alternative option
> would be to allow setup.py to have access to (part of) the command line typed by
> the user.
> My suggestion would be to allow the "global_opts" or "cmdX_opts" to contain
> arguments of the form key=value. These can be exposed to setup.py as a
> dictionary, say distutils.args.
> What do people think?

Doesn't setup.cfg provide enough means for the user to customize the
distutils behaviour ?

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