[Distutils] Re: [Python-Dev] PEP 250: Summary of comments

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Wed Jul 18 11:27:00 2001

From: "Moore, Paul" <Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com>
> I will attempt to sort out a patch which actually works. However, I should
> point out:
> 1. I've never looked at the internals code for distutils in any detail, so I
> can't be sure that what I'm doing is complete. Reviewers would be gratefully
> received (Marc, both your comments and Thomas' have been very helpful in
> this regard so far).
> 2. I can't do anything about bdist_wininst. I hope Thomas is listening, and
> can offer some help here :-)
I am, and I bdist_wininst *will* be ready when the rest is complete.

I already have a version which retrieves sys.extinstallpath at run time.

> 3. I'll have to do a patch against Python 2.1. I don't have 2.2a1 installed
> yet.
> 4. I don't have a particularly large testbed of applications to check all
> this - I'm working on my main machine, and I'll be in trouble if I break the
> setup by indiscriminate hacking...
> 5. I'm totally reliant on someone else feeding my changes into the current
> CVS. This is frustrating, to say the least. (I understand that people are
> very busy - but I've already sent in one complete patch, along with the
> final PEP, which didn't get applied - instead, the site.py part was
> reimplemented, and the sysconfig.py part missed completely :-()

I already posted the link to access Python's cvs repository via http.
(Can easily be found starting at http://python.sourceforge.net/).
This is implemented via Greg Stein's ViewCVS - check it out, it is
very powerful!