[Distutils] directory for applications

Gernot Jander gernot@tpg.com.au
Mon Jul 23 06:14:01 2001

Is there any known "standard" directory location for complete applications
written in Python?

I think a typical internationalized application contains at least
four different file types:
1. an executable (Python-)script
2. one or more (Python-)modules (specific for this application)
3. one or more subdirectories containing xxx.mo files for gettext
4. a xxx.rc file for gtk-styles

Splitting this up in /usr/local/bin, /usr/python/site-packages and
/usr/local/share makes it hard to de-install the application. Furthermore
I think that application-specific modules should not go to site-packages,
since this is the place for global packages/modules and not for modules
that are only meaningfull in the context of one application.

Therefore I decided to have one /usr/local/python/xxx directory for each
of my applications and install all files there (besides the scripts).
But this solution implies to have these directories in the $PYTHONPATH
and makes the distribution not portable to other OS.

Are there any intentions to improve the support of applications in