[Distutils] extra_objects and dependencies

Rene Liebscher R.Liebscher@gmx.de
Tue Jul 24 09:25:01 2001

Juergen Hermann wrote:
> Hi!
> We have the problem that if you list additional objects as
> extra_objects in an Extension object, the linker is NOT called when one
> of these object files changes. Does that count as a bug?

Changing line 396 in distutils/commands/build_ext.py from

if not (self.force or newer_group(sources, ext_filename, 'newer')):


if not (self.force or newer_group(sources + ext.extra_objects,
ext_filename, 'newer')):

might help. (But I have not tested it for myself.)
Default value of ext.extra_objects is [] so it
should not influence any other cases.

If this works someone who has write access to CVS might add it.

Kind regards
Rene Liebscher