[Distutils] bdist_innoinst ?!

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Wed Jul 25 04:14:01 2001

From: M.-A. Lemburg [mailto:mal@lemburg.com]
> Has anyone looked into creating a bdist command for the free
> Inno Setup 2 Windows installer ?

While I don't have any difficulties one way or the other with this idea, I
think one of the important questions would be: What would this installer
offer that the current bdist_wininst does not? (In the context of Python
extensions). If the answer is "nothing much", I'd suggest that having a
single "standard" installer is a good thing. (There are aspects of the
bdist_wininst installer's look and feel that I'm not 100% keen on, but the
complete consistency with all installations *is* nice).