[Distutils] bdist_innoinst ?!

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed Jul 25 05:57:01 2001

Thomas Heller wrote:
> > Has anyone looked into creating a bdist command for the free
> > Inno Setup 2 Windows installer ?
> >
> I was thinking about a bdist_wise in these old days,
> but I gave up after bdist_wininst was implemented.
> What are you missing?

I am very satisfied with the existing bdist_wininst, the
only reason for heading into the inno setup direction is
that it would allow more flexible setups, e.g. the user has
more options to choose from, you can wrap packages which 
contain optional subpackages, do full, standard and
customized installs, add auxiliary package installs such as
MDAC or ship MSVC DLLs etc.

bdist_wininst is perfect for pure Python packages and probably
most binary extensions too, but there are a small number
of instances which do require more functionality and since
Inno Setup is free, I thought it would be a good idea to add
support for it to distutils.

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