[Distutils] bdist_innoinst ?!

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu Jul 26 04:38:00 2001

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Robin Dunn]
> > You can get conditionals and other scripting capabilites with the
> > InnoSetup Extensions available at http://www.wintax.nl/isx/.  I use
> > it a tiny bit in the wxPython installer, but I've heard that it can
> > do a whole lot more.
> Ya, I looked at that.  That's what Python needs:  to ship an installer with
> an embedded Pascal interpreter <wink>.

Since Inno is written in Delphi and there is a really nice Delphi-Python
gateway out there, why not add an embedded Python interpreter to Inno ?!

Would be sort of cool ... you install Python by using a Python script
to tweak a Delphi program into doing the right thing. Python will
then finally learn to boot itself ;-)
> Wise kindly offered to let PythonLabs use InstallerMaster 8, and I just got
> the box from UPS today.  So my strong bet is that's the future for the
> PythonLabs Windows installer.  All you other suckers are on your own <wink>.

I wonder why you guys didn't pick up a new release from Wise 
earlier... the many hours you spent on getting Wise5 to work without
GPF would certainly have paid up for the new version.
> Seriously, I hope *someone* picks up python.iss and finishes an Inno
> installer for Python, Pascal-driven or not.
> BTW, I tried MS's Visual Installer (currently free, no idea whether that
> will last) MSI authoring tool, and limped away screaming in terror.  If
> that's the future of Windows installer technology, I'm glad I still have a
> few friends left in the Linux world ...

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