[Distutils] some installer grumbles

Mats Wichmann mats@laplaza.org
Thu Jun 7 15:05:00 2001

Thanks for the comments!

 >> (a) the existing installation is not detected with a
 >> bailout option ("blah blah already installed blah blah
 >> do you want to continue?")
 >This should probably wait until there is a distutils registry
 >of installed modules.

Is this in the works?

 >> (c) you are prompted for EACH file as to whether to
 >> replace or not; there is no "yes to all" (or "no to all") so one
 >> would potentially have to click "yes" or "no" hundreds of
 >> times to complete for something like PyXML.
 >Seriously: I should add this. My excuse: The yes/no to all
 >is asked once just before the start of the installation.

Yes, I retried my "operator error" intentionally later
just to confirm, and this time I noticed that initial
box. I /think/ the problem was at that point I didn't
yet know I was in trouble.... it was already a while ago
so I don't remember that clearly.