[Distutils] Distutils patches for Python OS/2 port

Andrew MacIntyre Andrew.MacIntyre@aba.gov.au
Tue Jun 19 23:58:00 2001

Once Python 2.1.1 is released, and I've updated the OS/2+EMX port, I 
plan to submit the diffs for the port to the Python patch manager.

I'd appreciate advice on whether to include the DistUtils patches as 
part of a complete Python port patch, or submit them separately.  If 
the latter, pointers on submission also appreciated.

For info:

The only significant change to the DistUtils involves adding 
emxccompiler.py, which is derived from cygwinccompiler.py (IIRC - I'm 
not close to the sources right now). It is possible the EMX changes 
could be merged back into the original, as the changes aren't too 

There are other changes to various files of course, to add platform 
specifics - ccompiler.py, spawn.py, sysconfig.py, util.py, 
command/bdist_dumb.py and command/build_ext.py come to mind.

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