[Distutils] No support for .pyo files

Rene Liebscher R.Liebscher@gmx.de
Mon May 14 10:54:02 2001

Greg Kochanski wrote:
> Python has a -O flag that turns on some compiler
> optimizations.  Python then looks for (and produces)
> .pyo files instead of .pyc files.
> Distutils doesn't seem to provide any support for this.
> What can be done?
By using "python setup.py install -O1" you can tell
distutils to create pyo files.

rob@cvs/distutils >python setup.py install --help
Options for 'install' command:
  --compile (-c)      compile .py to .pyc [default]
  --no-compile        don't compile .py files
  --optimize (-O)     also compile with optimization: -O1 for "python
-O", -O2
                      for "python -OO", and -O0 to disable [default:

Kind regards
Rene Liebscher