[Distutils] Building external libs with distutils

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Thu May 17 13:20:01 2001

In article <3B03EF8A.93043D9D@lemburg.com>, M.-A. Lemburg
<mal@lemburg.com> writes
>I was just wondering whether anybody has already tackled the
>job of using distutils to build external libs. I am thinking
>of the following setup here:
>* you have a source tree in ./libsrc
>* building the lib is done in the usual Unix way:
>  cd ./libsrc; ./configure; make
>* now copy te resulting .a or .so to your Python package
>  target build dir
>* continue with the normal distutils procedure to build the
>  Python wrapper
>Is this possible in a fairly portable way (at least with
>respect to Unix platforms) ?
well I have used the standard lib building scheme, but that doesn't
involve the configure make framework. All the flags were set in
setup.py. Which is why the AIX build of my bitmap renderer went wrong;
ie it didn't know about endianness which is presumably something that
the configure script would normally figure out.
Robin Becker