[Distutils] Help - Does wininst ignore MANIFEST?

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien@orbtech.com
Wed Sep 12 18:14:01 2001

I will give that a try, Robin. In the mean time, can someone please explain
to me the precise purpose of the MANIFEST file? Why would I specify files to
include in the distribution, that I didn't actually want installed? This
makes no sense to me at all. All the files I want are in the .zip and
.tar.gz, and are extracted properly, but only the root directory is actually
getting installed by "python setup.py install". If I have to specify
everything in the data_files parameter, what does the MANIFEST buy me?

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> I just started using distutils, have run into a snag and could really use
> some help. I'm able to create source distributions with no problem. But
> I try to create a windows installer version via:
> C:\Code\PyCrust>python setup.py bdist --formats=wininst
> I get a win32.exe file that does not contain my icon file or
> whereas the .zip and .tar.gz files come out fine. Is this a known problem?
> Or am I doing something wrong?

IIUC, the bdist commands only bundle what would be installed with a "python
setup.py install" command.  I've been able to get other files installed by
using the data_files parameter to the setup function.  For example (edited
from PyBSDDB):

setup(name = 'bsddb3',
    # ... all the other stuff clipped ...

      data_files = [("bsddb3/utils",
               "db/bin/libdb%s.dll" % ver,
             ("bsddb3/test", glob.glob("test/*.py"))

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