[Distutils] Having trouble with 'exclude'

Andy Todd andy47@crosswinds.net
Wed Sep 12 18:52:01 2001


Rene Liebscher wrote:
> Andy Todd wrote:
>>I am having a few problems with creating a source distribution and would
>>appreciate any help or pointers.
>>The situation, I have the world's simplest package, in the directory are
>>five files;
>>The only line in MANIFEST.in is;
>>"exclude wibble.user.py"
>>because for my own reasons I do not want that file even in my source
>>When I run "python setup.py sdist" I get the following output;
>>running sdist
>>reading manifest template 'MANIFEST.in'
>>warning: no previously-included files found matching 'wibble.user.py'
>>writing manifest file 'MANIFEST'
>>creating Wibble-1.0
>>making hard links in Wibble-1.0...
>>hard linking README.txt -> Wibble-1.0
>>hard linking setup.py -> Wibble-1.0
>>hard linking ./wibble.py -> Wibble-1.0/.
>>hard linking ./wibble.user.py -> Wibble-1.0/.
>>tar -cf dist/Wibble-1.0.tar Wibble-1.0
>>gzip -f9 dist/Wibble-1.0.tar
>>removing 'Wibble-1.0' (and everything under it)
>>Any suggestions?
>>If it is any help my setup.py file is basically;
>>#!/usr/bin/env python
>>from distutils.core import setup
>>import glob, os, sys
>>       version=1.0,
>>       description="My application",
>>       author="me",
>>       author_email="my.email",
>>       url="http://my.url",
>>       packages=[APPLICATION_NAME],
>>       package_dir={APPLICATION_NAME: '.'},
>>       scripts=[],
>>       licence="Python",
>>       data_files=[]
>>      )
>>Whilst I'm here, is there any definitive documentation on the arguments
>>and their valid values that can be passed to 'setup'? The shipped
>>documentation seems to be a bit all over the place.
>>Thanks in advance,
> You specify the package dir as '.'. Then the file wibble.user.py
> is listed as './wibble.user.py' and is not matched as 
> '^wibble\.user\.py$' (regular expression.)
> (You can see this by setting the environment variable
> DISTUTILS_DEBUG=1 before you run your setup.py.)
> If you use 
> exclude ./wibble.user.py 
> it should work as you want.

Thanks very much, problem solved. Now onto the next little 'opportunity'.

BTW, I'd still appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me on all of the 
arguments to setup and their expected values ...

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