[Distutils] Optik in the stdlib?

David Goodger goodger@users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 5 21:34:01 2002

Has anyone looked into getting Optik__ accepted into Python's standard
library? From past experience I know that modifying Lib/getopt.py is
off-limits; perhaps an "Adding a High-Level Option Module" PEP is in
order? Yes, I am volunteering to write & champion a PEP.

__ http://optik.sourceforge.net/

I'd like to use Optik for command-line tools in the documentation
projects I'm working on (see my sig). If I hope to eventually get them
into the stdlib, as I do, I can't use unrelated modules not already in
the stdlib.

Optik seems to be a generalized and reworked superset of Distutils'
fancy_getopt.py (also originally written by Greg Ward). Are there any
features of fancy_getopt missing from Optik? Unfortunately,
fancy_getopt has no external documentation (although the code *is*
well commented) so it's not reasonable to expect projects to use it.

Are there any plans to replace fancy_getopt in Distutils with Optik? I
realize their interfaces are not 100% compatible.

Question for Greg: How would you compare the two modules?

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