[Distutils] Option question

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Wed Feb 13 15:21:00 2002

From: "Konrad Hinsen" <hinsen@cnrs-orleans.fr>
> I am trying to put the option --no-rpm-opt-flags to bdist_rpm
> permanently into setup.cfg. According to my understanding of the manual,
> I should add the line
>   no-rpm-opt-flags = 1
> But that doesn't work:
>   running bdist_rpm
>   error: error in setup.cfg: command 'bdist_rpm' has no such option 'no_rpm_opt_flags'
> What am I doing wrong?
It seems no_rpm_opt_flags is not a 'first-class' option (whatever this may be ;-).
According to the source no_rpm_opt_flags is a negative option - inverting the value
of use_rpm_opt_flags. You should probably try to add the line
  use_rpm_opt_flags = 0
in the setup.cfg file (but this is simply guesswork).

> Konrad.