[Distutils] Possible Distutils shell processing bug

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
Sun Jan 13 09:45:01 2002

"Brian Quinlan" <brian@sweetapp.com> writes:

> Is it intended that users must escape their own strings, which are
> passed to the shell? As an example, if I wanted to define a string for
> the preprocessor, I would have to do something like this:
> defines = [('VERSION',r'\"1.2.3\"')]
> If I hadn't escaped the double quotes then the shell would have removed
> them*. 
> It took me a good five minutes to figure out this problem and I'm sure
> that others have hit this gotcha.

Hmm.  What happens in this instance on Windows?  We should probably
try to make the behaviour consistent.

But quoting in sh is a quick way to insanity.


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