[Distutils] test suite support

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed Jan 16 13:52:00 2002

"Moore, Paul" wrote:
> From: Thomas Heller [mailto:thomas.heller@ion-tof.com]
> > It seems the "official" way to do it would be to prepare the source
> > and then upload it as a patch to sourceforge. At least I would like
> > the people on python-dev to comment (most of them aren't subscribed
> > to distutils-sig).
> Good point - that would make sense.

Instead of discussing what the "right" way to do testing really
is, why not simply leave this decision to the package author and
only ask for an entry point, e.g.

	tests = [ TestSuite('mytests', run=myunittests.run, verbose=1),
                  TestSuite('moretests', run=mymodule._test) ],

The only question I see coming up is whether to run tests 
automatically or only at request.

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