[Distutils] test suite support

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Sat Jan 19 02:03:01 2002

[Achim Gaedke]
> Imo doctest intends to test documentation and reference example
> code and not "boring" test routines.

[Andrew Kuchling]
> Not at all; there are people who use primarily doctest,

You're both right.  doctest (and I should know <wink>) was indeed *intended*
to verify examples in docstrings, and that's all.  The only major feature I
ever added was Christian Tismer's suggestion to add a magical __test__ dict,
and that turned out to be a powerful hook allowing to build all sorts of
frameworks on top.  However, I have so far refused to do the latter:  the
unittest framework drives me mad with frustration (people layer test classes
is such convoluted ways you can't follow the logic anymore, and the business
of not showing *any* info beyond "ERROR" for unexpected exceptions until the
end of the whole run has wasted countless hours of my time).  But I don't
have a better framework in mind, so screw it <wink>.

> and I use a completely different unit test module that isn't included
> with Python at all.