[Distutils] making setup less chatty by default

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 05:26:01 2002

In article <3C4BD88B.F2261802@lemburg.com>, M.-A. Lemburg
<mal@lemburg.com> writes
>Just to clarify: I don't have objections as to clean up the
>distutils self.verbose interface. Indeed, I would prefer to
>have clearly defined verbosity levels to choose from, e.g.
>verbose 0 - give information about commands being run and
>            what part of the cake they are working on (and
>            nothing more) 
>verbose 1 - give details about what the commands actually do
>            (or don't do, e.g. skipping actions)
>verbose 2 - any extra information which might be helpful
>The interface should work much like Python's: -v = level 1
>-vv = level 2.
>Note that warnings and errors should *always* be displayed
>(we might want to add verbose levels -1 and -2 which are
>set by providing a command line option -q and -qq resp. to
>force keeping quiet in these areas too).
I would definitely want an option to force complete quietness unless
errors/warnings are displayed. so

-1 display only warnings and errors (not any other information)
-2 display only errors
-3 display nothing (ie use exit status to communicate problems).
Robin Becker