[Distutils] _spawn_posix fails, command line works??

John J. Lee jjl@pobox.com
Thu Jan 24 16:14:11 2002

On 24 Jan 2002, Michael Hudson wrote:

> "John J. Lee" <jjl@pobox.com> writes:
> > Is this problem my fault, or distutils'?
> After reading Rene's reply, I'd say probably yours.  But I'm not sure.

Sorry, would have posted the solution to the list before if I'd noticed
Jack Jansen's reply to me was only emailed... it was simply the same
problem that you were having, Michael.  Something along the lines of: the
windows implementation goes through the shell (or cmd.com or whatever it
is -- though I was using cygwin + mingw gcc at the time), and the posix
impl. uses execvp, so there's no quoting of backslashes needed.

This should be fixed in distutils, I think, probably in _nt_quote_args.
I suppose any fix should be tested with the various mingw / cygwin and
command.com / bash combinations.

> > Just to make clear: I'm not doing any poking around in distutils'
> > internals in my setup.py: it's just a perfectly standard set of
> > Extension() instances, and a couple of static libs, and the only
> > distutils function I call is setup itself.
> Can we see it anyway?

Don't have it with me, will post it later if it hasn't been sorted out by