[Distutils] _spawn_posix fails, command line works??

John J. Lee jjl@pobox.com
Thu Jan 31 17:00:15 2002

On 28 Jan 2002, Michael Hudson wrote:

> "John J. Lee" <jjl@pobox.com> writes:
> > if os.name == "nt":
> >     fmt = '\\"%s\\"'
> > elif os.name == "posix":
> >     fmt = '\"%s\"'
> What happens if you change this to
>     fmt = "%s"

I suppose you mean '"%s"'?  Yes, that's what I should have had in the
"posix" part of the if statement (though I don't much care at the moment,
since I've still to get the thing to work without segfaulting on windows).
The confusing part was the difference in behaviour between windows and
unix -- or have I missed your point?