[Distutils] updated SF patch

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@zope.com
Fri May 31 13:18:02 2002

I've updated my patch "make setup.py less chatty by default."

I've attached a new patch that uses a global log module. 
(The added file, log.py, is a separate attachment to this
patch submission.)  The patch is incomplete, as it removes
the announce() method of several objects.  I haven't
bothered to replace all the calls to announce in the
commands; that needs to be done before this patch can be
accepted, but it's too tedious for today :-).

The new approach is to eliminate all uses of verbose except
one on the Distriubtion object that can be controlled by -v
and -q arguments.  The value of Distribution.verbose is used
to set a logging threshold, stored in a global variable in
the log module.  All code that wants to print a message
calls log.method().

The default verbosity is 1, which skips messages that say
"skipping ...".  It does print any activity actually
performed, like calling a C compiler. 

I'm expect more thought needs to be put into the level that
each message is logged at.