[Distutils] compiling extension modules with 'make'

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 22 18:05:16 EDT 2003

hi there,

I'v repeatedly tried to convert build systems of my python projects
to distutils. As they contain C++ extensions with non-trivial
build commands, I failed to get these modules to compile using
the default 'Extension(...)' mechanism.

I'm now wondering what ways exist to extend distutils such that
I can hook up to the old autoconf/make based builds for individual
extension modules without the need for manual intervention.

I'v seen some packages derive from distutils classes such as 
distutils.core.Distribution (for example the 4Suite tool) but
that looks quite complex so I'm looking for either a simpler
way, or some reference manual explaining how to get started.

Any hints / links are highly appreciated !


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