[Distutils] Returned mail: Message to graduate@CS.ColoState.EDU Not Delivered

Mail Delivery Subsystem MAILER-DAEMON at ecbaldwin.net
Sun Aug 24 12:59:04 EDT 2003

This is an automatic response to your email.

    To:          <graduate at CS.ColoState.EDU>
    From:        <distutils-sig at python.org>
    Date:        Sun, 24 Aug 2003 11:56:59 --0600
    Subject:     Re: Re: My details

Try this link (make the message short):
mailto:graduate at CS.ColoState.EDU?subject=Add_me_to_your_list

Your email was NOT delivered.  This means that the recipient has not
read your message.  If you are trying to send legitimate mail and
you're certain that the address is correct sorry for the
inconvenience.  You may try this:

1 - Send a SHORT email to the recipient with "Add me to your list" in
    the subject exactly as you see it there.  If the message is short
    it is guaranteed to get through.  The link that you see above
    should work in most situations.

2 - Wait for a reply.  The recipient will tell you if you are ok to
    resend your message.

If you are still confused maybe the following Q&A will help clarify

Q: Why didn't my email get sent?
A: Your email was scanned by automatic SPAM detecting software.  It
   determined that it is probably SPAM.  There are a number of reasons
   that this might happen and there is a possibility that legitimate
   email could get detected as unwanted mail.  If this is the case,
   sorry for the inconvenience.  Follow the directions above to
   request permission to send email to the recipient.

Q: Does the recipient know that I've tried to send him/her a message?
A: No, the email was intercepted before he/she knew anything about it.

Q: Why don't you just accept every message that gets emailed to you
   like everyone else?  This is inconvenient for me.
A: If you are trying to send legitimate email I'm sorry for the
   inconvenience.  Anyone who's had an email address for more than a
   year or two gets unwanted mail and knows that the longer one has an
   email address the more time is wasted by filtering though it.  In
   some cases the unwanted mail is something that the user may wish
   that he never saw such as email with immoral content.  The
   postmaster for ecbaldwin.net decided to take the chance that
   someone's legitimate mail might bounce for the benefit of not
   having to ever see unwanted mail.

Q: Where can I learn about the software that caught my message?
A: See http://spamassassin.org

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