[Distutils] swig 1.3.x

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed Jan 1 11:33:02 2003

Paul Moore wrote:
> Keith Jackson <krjackson@lbl.gov> writes:
>>What are folks feelings about supporting recent versions of swig in
>>distutils? I'd be willing to do the changes to get this working
>>again, but only if people are interested. Right now I just use my
>>own run_swig method, but I'd rather have this work as a core part of
> I think this is probably a good idea. SWIG 1.1 is pretty much
> unmaintained these days, and 1.3 is the de facto current version (even
> if it's theoretically not yet designated as stable).
> But my interest is purely theoretical. I don't have any code which
> uses SWIG at the moment, and there may well be people out there
> currently using the Distutils/SWIG 1.1 support, and who can't make the
> necessary changes to go to SWIG 1.3 (the two versions aren't
> compatible).
> If you want to support a gradual migration, maybe it would pe possible
> to have SWIG support which recognises a swig_version argument
> somewhere, which could be set to 1.1 or 1.3.

What changes would have to be implemented in distutils
for swig 1.3 ? If it's just the names of a few options
I'd suggest to make the swig support smart enough to support
both versions as Keith suggests.

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