[Distutils] install packages & modules simultaneously?

David Goodger goodger at python.org
Tue Jun 17 23:14:54 EDT 2003

Docutils relies on a few 3rd-party modules, and includes them as a
convenience.  They are only to be installed if they're not already
present in a Python installation, so I have code in setup.py check for

Distutils doesn't seem to be able to handle packages and individual
modules simultaneously.  Distutils complains if I specify both
"packages" and "py_modules" in a single call.  I got the script to
work by calling distutils.core.setup twice: first for the third-party
modules, then for the "docutils" packages
(http://docutils.sf.net/setup.py).  Installation isn't so bad, but
doing "python setup.py sdist" creates 2 tarballs and feels very
kludgey.  Does anyone know of a better way?

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