[Distutils] bdist_wininstall and --quiet

Ehle, Brandon BEhle at ea.com
Wed Jun 25 11:21:57 EDT 2003



I'm trying to create a setup programming that deploys python plus all
the required extensions packages.  Rather than have person who is
installing click next four gazillion times, I'd like for the extension
module packages to run in a quiet mode where it starts up, shows the
install process and then exits without any user intervention (short of
fatal errors).  For most of the extensions I need to install, this seems
to work ok (they are installing via InnoSetup and -veryquiet), but any
packages that were released with bdist_wininst do not seem to support
this feature.


Is this a feature that could be added to future releases of distutils?
The RPM packages install in a non-interactive mode so I believe it would
make sense to offer this same functionality on windows.


Obviously any old bdist_wininst packages aren't going to have this
functionality yet.  Is there some trick that I might be able to get this
to work with any current bdist_wininst packages?


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