[Distutils] Installing (data-)files in package directories

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Wed Nov 19 15:26:19 EST 2003

On Nov 19, 2003, at 3:06 PM, Thomas Heller wrote:

> It seems installing data-files in package directories is a common
> requirement - at least for me.

Me too

> Readme files, data files needed by the packages - the bdist_wininst.exe
> file is such an example.  It needs to be in the same directory as the
> distutils.command.bdist_wininst module.
> So here is a build_py subclass (contained in a setup script) which does
> this. Any comments?

It's also often necessary to recursively include data files and 
preserve symlinks, especially on OS X.  I'm currently using a 
(modified?) version of Rene Liebscher's "install_data" setup 
extensions.  I believe I borrowed them from PyXML, but I'm not quite 

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