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Thanks.  I needed that.


On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 10:49:30PM -0400, Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 19:50, seberino at spawar.navy.mil wrote:
> > 1. What goes into __init__.py files??? I know what setup.py contents are
> >    but I don't recall seeing advice on what to put in __init__.py.
> You don't need to put anything into __init__.py files.  They are
> necessary to make Python recognize a directory as a package, but they
> can be empty.
> If you put code in __init__.py, it is executed when the package is
> imported, including the first time a submodule of a package is
> imported.  It is sometimes useful to execute code here, but that's up to
> you.
> > 2. I have a ton of data files to list in setup(...) with the
> >    data_files switch.  Can I avoid listing EVERY file somehow???
> >    Can I use a wildcard in the filename????
> It can be tedious to list all the data files.  The setup.py script is a
> regular Python script, though, so you can compute the full list from the
> wildcard.  The glob module might do what you want or you can search for
> files using os.path.walk.
> > 3. Will bdist_rpm install JUST pyc files (bytecode)???
> >    Will sdist     install JUST py (source) files???
> >    What about installing source and bytecode?? (py and pyc)??
> >    How do that and is THAT a good idea???
> The bdist and sdist commands do not install anything.  They generate
> distributions that can be used to install software.  You probably know
> that, but I want to make sure we're on the same page.
> An sdist distribution contains only .py files.  The source distribution
> could work with many versions of Python, but .pyc files are tied to a
> particular version.  The source distribution generates .pyc files when a
> user unpacks it and runs "python setup.py install".
> I believe a bdist command will have the same effect.  I'm not sure about
> bdist_rpm, but bdist_wininst only puts source files in the distribution.
> > 4. If I tell setup(...) I have a package somewhere with
> >    packages = ["..."]
> >    does that mean it will get ALL files in that directory without
> >    me having to specify them individually??
> It means all .py files.  It will ignore any other file in the directory.
> Note that you have to explicitly include subpackages in the list.
> >    What if I want to OMIT a file like the CVS directory?!?!
> It gets skipped, because it isn't listed as a package.  If you tried to
> list it as a package, it still wouldn't contain any .py files.
> Note that it is a little tedious to get non-Python files installed with
> a package.  If you want a data file to be included next to the .py file,
> you've got to go to a lot of trouble.
> Jeremy


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