[Distutils] Variable substitution

Joel Becker jlbec at evilplan.org
Thu Oct 2 21:19:53 EDT 2003

	A quick look at the distutils source, some extensive googling,
and even walking a few months of the distutils-sig archive all have yet
to yield an answer to my quandry.  I'm looking to substitute some
variables at 'build' time ala what autoconf/configure does to .in files.
I have some configuration I want to set up with my setup.py script and
insert into a file (specifically, the location of some support files).
	I can't find a way to do this in distutils.  My first thought
was to do the work by hand before calling distutils.core.setup(), but
then I realized that I'd have no idea what setup() thought certain
values would be (eg, prefix) until after I'd called it.
	Is there a recommended way to accomplish this?  Is there a way I
can add this?  A quick pointer would help.



"In the long run...we'll all be dead."

			jlbec at evilplan.org

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