[Distutils] Can't get ANY data files included!!! Please help!

Ricardo Niederberger Cabral nieder at mail.ru
Wed Oct 8 19:21:55 EDT 2003

* seberino at spawar.navy.mil <seberino at spawar.navy.mil> [2003-10-08 18:12]:

> setup(name = "foo",
>       version = "1.0",
>       data_files = [ ("data", ["somedata"]) ],
>       packages = [""])
> I tried *absolute* paths in MANIFEST.in and data_files.
> I tried to move data files to different places.  I tried using wild cards.
> NOTHING seems to make distutils SEE my data files?!?!?

I guess you should list files and not dirs. 
Are you sure "somedata" is a file ?

What i've done before to include everything inside a datadir is:

     data_files = [("share/MyApp",map(lambda x: 'MyAppData/'+x, os.listdir("MyAppData")))], # include all MyAppData/ content

You could also use "['MyAppData/'+x for x in os.listdir("MyAppData")]"
there instead of that map call.

Best regards,
rnc <nieder|at|mail.ru>

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