[Distutils] Compiling C++ extensions with python2.3 distutils/mingw32 fails

Hogendoorn, Rene r.hogendoorn at hitt.nl
Fri Sep 5 15:10:53 EDT 2003

The distutils, distributed with python 2.3, try to recognize the language (c
or c++) and set the linker executable as
With cygwin and mingw32, the resulting linker is 'cc.exe', because the
CygwinCompiler class fails to provide a
definition for compiler_cxx.
A solution is to patch the call to self.set_executables:
        # Hard-code GCC because that's what this is all about.
        # XXX optimization, warnings etc. should be customizable.
        self.set_executables(compiler='gcc -mcygwin -O -Wall',
                                       compiler_so='gcc -mcygwin -mdll -O
                                       compiler_cxx='g++ -mcygwin -O -Wall',
                                       linker_exe='gcc -mcygwin',
                                       linker_so=('%s -mcygwin %s' %

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