[Distutils] more clashes between 'build' and 'bdist_wininst'

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 17 10:00:02 EDT 2003

hi there,

I'v run into a new problem using the 'bdist_wininst'

the 'build_scripts' command inspects the first line of
my scripts, and, if it finds 'python' there, replaces
it with the python command used during the build.

If for example my script's first line reads '#! /usr/bin/env python',
and if I use '/usr/local/bin/python' during compilation,
the first line of my script will be replaced yielding
'#! /usr/local/bin/python'.

That works find as long as the final interpreter coincides
with the one used for building. When using 'bdist_wininst'
however, the 'real' interpreter is determined during the
execution of the windows installer only.

I would thus expect the installer to do the same trick again,
i.e. modifying the first line of my scripts to point to
the right interpreter, not the one used during the build.

Am I missing something ? Is this a bug ?


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