[Distutils] Attempt at writing bdist_dpkg

amk at amk.ca amk at amk.ca
Mon Sep 22 08:22:28 EDT 2003

I've found myself making a lot of Debian packages for various Python modules,
so I've started working on a bdist_dpkg.py module for Distutils.  Currently 
it's in nondist/sandbox/Lib/ in the Python CVS; you can download
a copy from

When you run it, it creates a debian/ subdirectory containing a dummy
changelog and default versions of control and rules.  prerm and postinst 
are also created to compile .py files to .pyc and to remove them.  Generated
debian/ files contain a special marker and only files containing this marker
will be overwritten, so if you have a custom rules or preinst file it won't
be stomped on.  


   * I can't figure out a way to put the marker in the 'control' and
     'changelog' files, because their formats don't seem to support
   * Right now the .deb for a packaged "foo" is named "foo";
     it should be pythonX.Y-foo or whatever the Debian convention is.
   * The bdist_dpkg command needs to grow many options (e.g. setting
     the package name, using a particular file as the change log, etc.)

Suggestions are welcome.  If you have CVS access, feel free to modify the
code and check in your changes.


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