[Distutils] py2exe question

Paul Gardella pgardell at bbn.com
Thu Sep 25 10:12:44 EDT 2003


Not sure if it's appropriate to post py2exe questions here, so my first
question is: is it OK?  If not, is there a place where I can post py2exe

The py2exe question:  When I run:

python setup.py py2exe

with the below setup.py, it just tells me:

running py2exe
error: Nothing to do

The setup.py file:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

setup(name = "csmarter", version = "1.0",
         description="CSMARTer Society Editing Tool for Cougaar",
         author=<some names>,
         author_email=<an email addr>,
         packages = ["csmarter", "csmarter.CSMARTer", "csmarter.ACMEPy"],
         data_files=[<some files>]

This setup.py works great when I just run distutils on it.  But when I run
py2exe, I get the msg shown above.

Something to note: the distribution root (where setup.py is located)
contains no Python scripts (other than setup.py), but it does contain a
subdirectory ("csmarter") which is a Python package (i.e., it has an
__init__.py).  This csmarter package contains no Python scripts itself
(other than the __init__.py), but only two subdirectories/subpackages
(CSMARTer and ACMEPy) which contain all the .py files.

Is py2exe telling me there's nothing to do because there are no Python
scripts in the distribution root or is there some other reason?  Thanks.

Paul Gardella

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