[Distutils] py2exe question

Paul Gardella pgardell at bbn.com
Thu Sep 25 13:32:41 EDT 2003

py2exe converts the Python scripts specified in the
'scripts=["a.py", "b.py"]' argument to the setup function into

What did you expect the py2exe command to do?

I expected py2exe to convert my entire application, not just individual
scripts, to an exe.

Distutils doesn't require a 'scripts=["a.py", "b.py"]' arg in setup.py.  It
could instead be a 'packages=["pkg-a", "pkg-b"]' arg, which mine is, so I
don't have a 'scripts=["a.py"]' arg.

I restructured my directories and moved setup.py into a dir containing .py
files and ran 'python setup.py py2exe' from inside that dir, but still got
an "error: Nothing to do" msg.

(Continuing this thread on distutils-sig, but will move to comp.lang.python
in the future -- thanks.)


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