[Distutils] Simple question

Schere, David W. (DSCHERE) DSCHERE at arinc.com
Wed Apr 7 16:54:06 EDT 2004


   I am a newbie and am greatly impressed with what little I have seen
concerning distutils. You guys did
a phenominal job! 

Here is the question:

I want to install a trivial one module python script like the one below: 

from Tkinter import *

def clicked():
  print "I've been clicked"

t = Tk()
  text="click me",
  command=clicked ).pack()

... to a target machine that is a "virgin" win32 box with no python. 

Is there a boiler plate setup.py script out there that I can use as a
starting point that would give me 

I have python for windows installed under c:\Python22.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot for distutils !

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