[Distutils] Did I miss setup of distutils cookbook location?

René Liebscher R.Liebscher at gmx.de
Fri Apr 30 06:59:25 EDT 2004

Mike C. Fletcher schrieb:
> We'd discussed at PyCon having a distutils recipe collection; having 
> just donated a cooked setup.py to another project I'm thinking it might 
> be nice to instead upload such things for general consumption.  Quick 
> survey of PyOpenGL and one or two other projects in my stable gives:
>    * Pete Shinner's "smart_install_data" (keeps resource files in the
>      same directory relative to the original source, as 99% of projects
>      I'm aware of really want (i.e. specifying --install-lib doesn't
>      scatter your projects into two different locations)).  
 >      There's an
>      older, much larger version by Rene L. as well that we don't use
>      any more.
It isn't that much larger, if you consider the amount of code you don't
have to write by using MANIFEST-like templates to collect your file names.
(about one third of the code)
On the other side it gives you more control where your files are copied 
to. (stripping of leading directories, ...) (about one half of the code)

It was designed to be more general in solving the problem, so it is more 
code in it.

(And as I see in the CVS you are still using it?

Kind regards
Rene Liebscher

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