[Distutils] MSVC7 directories

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at alum.mit.edu
Mon Feb 2 17:22:29 EST 2004

Mark Hammond wrote:
> Not sure what you mean here?  I did find it strange that I could not setup
> the compiler as I would for any other project on the planet (ie, vie the
> vars that the compiler itself supports), but that was pronounced to be a
> feature of distutils, so I dropped it.

Let's not drop it.  When I asked about this feature years ago, I dropped it
because people told me that real Windows users would never want this
feature.  Presumably that only reason I was asking was that I was a wayward
Unix developer in Windows land.  You, on the other hand, can make some claim
to being a real Windows user.

A patch to honor environment variables when they are set would help
developers and, presumably, hurt no one.  (No real Windows user would set an
environment variable anyway.)


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