[Distutils] Distutils windows binaries...

Phil Hornby phil.hornby at accutest.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 06:06:44 EST 2004


> You can customize distutils to do *anything* you want by subclassing.
> The basic functionality, however, assumes you are distributing python
> modules, scripts, and extensions.  And distutils actually is the easiest
> way imo to also *build* the extensions.

Generally I build and test my modules individually or do releases through an
automated into our build/release management system that is very simple and
as such using distutils wouldn't fit in very easily/well.

> IIRC, you can also use the borland compiler to build the extensions -
> see the output of 'python setup.py build_ext --help-compiler'.

Thanks I had just noticed that...but as I am trying to move away from that
compiler - and only have it on my machine for legacy reason it's not needed.

>> I know you can change the bitmap displayed during the install but can you
>> change the icon that is displayed for the *.exe that is generated?
> You can change the icon of the
> Lib/site-packages/distutils/command/wininst.exe with any tool of your
> choice, *before* building the installer.

I would like to do this programatically instead of doing it manually. Anyone
know of a python tool that can do that...or is that gonna have to be a
project of my own? I am also interested to know why you stressed the
*before* statement - surely I could change the icon on the produced *.exe?
and as such after building the installer?



"Requirements - what are they I just hack something together that does what
I think they want" ;)

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