[Distutils] MSVC CRT woes

Phil Hornby phil.hornby at accutest.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 05:26:40 EST 2004

>> That said, I think that including two wininst versions, one
>> compiled with VC6, the other with VC7, would solve this problem
>> nicely. You'd still have to have VC6/7 for compiling C extensions,
>> but at least generating pure Python distutils wininst packages
>> would remain possible.
> Keeping the 'practicallity beats purity' theme, I agree.  It means that
> whoever builds (and checks into CVS) wininst.exe must has *both* MSVC6 and
> MSVC7, but there is a good chance they will anyway.
> Is there any reason wininst.exe is not itself built using distutils?

my assumption on the later is purely that if it was the user would HAVE to
have a compiler installed - but if they are writing pure python extensions
they *should* not need this as they are not likely to have it.

But maybe adding the functionality to force a build if building a C
extension is a worthwhile thing??

Just to add my two pence to the debate...


"Requirements - what are they I just hack something together that does what
I think they want" ;)

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